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Eye balls covered with rotten marshmallows

3 September
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Curiosity killed the cat.


-All i can say is:

0.-I'm addicted to coffee, i can't help it, you can't help it, and if you could, i would not want you to.
1.-I will never make a journal entry about myself, this is for my art, for my photographs, for my drawings, everything that i will post here will belong to my creativity.
2.-If you want to see other great images look at my friends, I trust them so much and their creativity, that i could easily end up living in most of their photographs for the eternity.
3.- I will try to maintain this journal as "international" as possible, but sometimes my replies and comments will be made in spanish, that's because well, I'm mexican and most of my friends are also mexicans, and some of them are from Spain.
4.- Eyes and vaginas are very similar. When you start drawing one of them, you can never tell the difference.
5.-Feel free to add me, i don't bite.
If you don't like something in here...I'll spit right back at you!